Beginner to Advance Performance Opportunities

Either you are the most beginner or advanced level student — you can combine the value of enjoyment of piano study with the opportunity to participate in the local, national and international festivals and competitions and at the private adult students recitals with the following informal socializing.

Adult Recital

After Recital Reception

My Studio Recitals are mixed with Junior’s performance. However, it is another chance to perform before friends and parents, no matter which level you are.

SOLO RECITAL: Deborah Brown

You are welcome to perform your own Piano Solo Recital or share it with another Adult Student at the different venues of Atlanta Metro Area – Steinway Piano Gallery, England Piano, Southern Keyboards, Piano Works, Assistant Leaving Homes and Fundraising events. Your teacher will always help you to promote your recital through Atlanta Metro Area Music Chapters and Music Societies. Grateful audience will always appreciate your efforts!


PIANO DUETS: Saeka Hasegawa and Deborah Brown perform Piano Duets by Aram Chatschaturjan and Darius Milhaud at their recital.

You have a choice to play Piano Duets (on one or two pianos) as the most joyful and fulfilling one among music activities. Piano Duets do not require memorization and can sparkle a new friendship or develop the sense of teamwork.

The PIANO CONCERTO repertoire choice is another way to perform in collaboration — with your teacher, in this case.

PIANO CONCERTO: Deborah Brown and Raisa Parmentier Isaacs perform Piano Concerto by S. Rachmaninoff No.2 at the Steinway Piano Gallery

Adult student with the Silver Senior Cup for 3 years of consecutive Superior Grades.

National Federation of Music Clubs (NFMC) is the nationwide event with the local chapters in all states. The Senior Section of the Club will reward you with the Trophy for 3, 6 and so on years of consecutive Superior Grades. The Silver Senior Cups are getting larger, as you progress through the years.

Atlanta Romantic Festival and Competition has been established for Junior and Amateur Adult students.

It is a rear opportunity for Adults Students of Intermediate to Advanced level to receive a feedback from the Faculty of GA Schools of Music – Georgia State University, University of Georgia, Reinhardt University and other colleges in Atlanta Metro area.

Adult OPR students with Eugeny Rivkin, professor of the University of Georgia as a judge in Adult Category

The Chair of the Romantic Festival-Competition, Raisa Parmentier Isaacs, with the Judge of the Intermediate Category Gila Goldstein , Columbus State University, GA and other members of the Board.

Adult students are free to choose either Comments, if they play with music or Comments with an according Grades (Honorable Mention-HM, Award of Excellence-AE, Outstanding Performer—OP) if they memorize two pieces of Romantic Composers.  They may win The Winner Prize with monetary awards as well, or receive an Outstanding Performer Recitalist (OPR) Grade to deserve the right to participate in the final Romantic Competition Winner Recital.  All students receive Certificate of Participation.


Saeka Hasegawa – Finalist of the Pianovision International Competition at WPPC

National and International Amateur Adult Competitions are other opportunities to be prepared for at my studio.

Colorado, biennial Van Clibern, Boston, Pianovision Competitions might be another stimulus to fulfill your dreams to participate in the highest rank piano events created for Amateur Adults.

If you would like to visit and explore the history of another country and enjoy the participation in Piano Solo, Chamber and Piano Duet Ensembles with the personalized attention of the dedicated, renowned piano faculty? instructors?  from all over the world – I invite you to the only International Summer Academy (Germany) for Juniors and all ages and levels of Adult Amateur and Professional Pianists. Intensive course of study includes numerous public performances in the Halls of the XII-XVI centuries, as well as many educational tours.

Raisa Parmentier Isaacs and Academy student Chamber Ensemble coaching

In two weeks you will have a chance to perform in up to 30-35 Academy recitals in the castles and halls of the XII-XVI centuries! What an exciting chance for many Adult Students to play the first time in their life in Chamber Ensemble with another students or Faculty members!

Your teacher, faculty member Raisa Parmentier Isaacs participates as a Presenter, Piano Solo, Chamber Music Instructor and Collaborative Pianist in this summer event.

Read the article of my adult student Deborah Brown about this event.

Peter Takacs, Oberlin conservatory, and the program coordinator Raisa Isaacs

I offer unique opportunity for Amateur Adult students (starting Intermediate to Advanced level) to have a private lessons with the internationally renowned piano teachers, whom I invite for Juniors events in Atlanta and Atlanta Metro area Piano Teachers chapters.

Recent and planned Piano Pedagogy celebrities include: Phillip Kawin, Manhattan School of Music, New York; Vladislav Kovalsky, Director of the Mammoth Conservatory, New Jersey; specialist in Baroque Edward Parmentier, School of Music  of the University of Michigan; Peter Takacs, Oberlin Conservatory

Josh Tyree with Royal School of Music Certificates for the Theory and Piano Performance tests.

Royal School of Music (ABRSM) assessment is available for those who is interested in pursuing either the Theory or all-in-one Ear Awareness, Scales, Sight-Reading and Performance Certificate. This complex program is established for 8 Levels, however, you are free to choose convenient time to take the test or you can skip some levels to finish the program faster. A piano professor from ABRSM, London, UK, will examine you for these tests in the United States in spring or fall semesters (terms).

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